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Connect 44 Team Provides Further Reflection, Moves into Final Stages

Members of the Connect 44 Strategic Planning Team had their fourth meeting on Thursday. Below is a recap of the meeting.
Mission and Vision Reflection
Superintendent Ted Stec asked the group to reflect on their own relationship with the district and share their individual success stories. Through this dialogue, many members of the team commented on how much they value working or being a part of the Lombard 44 community. They also shared their confidence in the future direction we are headed. 
Indicators of Successful School
Members of the team reviewed the final set of strategic objectives, which will serve as “Indicators of Successful School” in the final strategic plan (the full list is below). As Superintendent Ted Stec shared during the meeting, these indicators are crucial because they allow us to demonstrate not only what we value but also how we define our success. The team was asked to determine the right measurement tools we should utilize to gauge our achievement of these indicators. As part of this, team members reviewed feedback from all staff provided on Opening Day during our round table discussions. These measurement tools will be linked in the final strategic plan with each indicator. 
Indicators of A Successful School
1. Increase Home School Connection & Parent Involvement 
2. Strengthen Community Partnership & Civic Opportunities 
3. Improve Communications
4. Increase Employee Satisfaction 
5. Increase Student Satisfaction
6. Improve Resources & Support to Students and Staff
7. Increase Employee & Student Involvement in Activities 
8. Prioritize Spending
9. Enhance Opportunities for Collaborative Decision-Making 
10. Increase Leadership Opportunities
11.   Increased Alignment with ESSA
Vetting of the Plan
A draft version of the strategic plan was given to team members to review. The team was asked to answer specific questions regarding the layout, content and communication of the plan. This will be utilized to make additional refinements before the plan is shared publicly with all staff and parents. Staff and parents can expect to review the plan in February and offer additional input at that time.
Next Steps
The final Connect 44 meeting will take place in January and consist of a smaller team to develop the final strategies tied to each goal area. Following their work, the plan will go out to the public for additional input and then to the Board for approval.