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Dear District 44 Families,

In collaboration with our area school districts, we have made the decision to close school beginning Monday, March 16. As this situation is constantly evolving, we are unsure at this time when schools will reopen. 

What we want to stress, though, is that this is not in response to an active threat in our community. We, as area school districts, made this decision to be preventative in nature. 

Our Plan Moving Forward 

Our plan is to use emergency days for Monday, March 16 and Tuesday, March 17. Beginning Wednesday, March 18 we are hopeful we can begin using e-learning with our students and staff. 

Communication will be shared with parents on Monday about how to prepare you for e-learning and what day your child may return to our buildings to gather any materials that they need during this transition. 

Equity & Continuity of Services

These are unprecedented times for schools throughout the nation. We know everyone has concerns about continuing to provide education and related services (speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy, etc.) in a way that is equitable to all our students. What will also be included in our Monday communication about e-learning will be how we intend, to the best of our abilities, to offer this to our students. 

Community Partnerships 

I know many of us share in the concern about the availability of child care as well as the access to food and shelter for our most vulnerable students. These are all critical priorities being considered and evaluated by the administrative and union leadership team as part of their action plan. More details will be forthcoming, likely on Monday. 

When will we know more? 

Given how rapidly evolving this situation is, we will continue to actively communicate with you any and all changes. Right now, we are working toward a goal to communicate district-wide on Monday what our overall action plan is as it relates to supporting all our students and staff during the school shut down.



Ted Stec